Financial E-Credit

With Financial Engineering, it is designed to enable SMEs and Financial institutions to make data-based decisions, to facilitate their operations and to enable enterprises to reach fast solutions by moving their Financial Statement analysis processes to the digital environment.

SME Credit Risk Management

• Predict the financial risks of your current and potential customers.
• Increase sales efficiency by accelerating your New Loan Acceptance processes.
• Can make credit decisions more quickly and reliably.

• Reduce collection risks by setting the right credit limits.
• To be able to focus on the riskiest segment by seeing the distribution of risks that occur in the portfolio over time.
• With online access to your risk reports, you can make accurate and fast credit decisions.
• Can anticipate current financial risks and focus on problems and solutions simply.


FinCheckup  platform is unrivaled that inspects e-ledgers for technical compliance, consistent chart of accounts, and tax regulations before they become official and alerts you to any issues.


• Its Architecture was designed in a Flexible, Fast and Constantly Developing structure.

•  You can easily perform your detailed financial controls

on your e-Ledgers that you will upload to the FinCheckup portal.


It enables you to discover all potential financial risks beforehand by allowing you to undertake financial controls prior to submitting your e-Ledger to the Turkish Revenue Administration.

With FinCheckup service, you can perform extensive financial controls such as accounting audit, Internal Audit&Tax Analyses.


Contact us in order not to be exposed to enforcement and penalties and to minimize the increasing risks!